addicted to this boy (and app!)

it’s quite apparent that i love sharing pictures of my sweet boy. my family can attest with the daily picture texts (in addition to the blog and Facebook pictures-sigh). i can’t help it. I mean, have you seen Eli?! he’s pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread (such an odd saying — why is sliced bread so cool –but i digress). plus, i might be a tad bias, but he’s beautiful (in a handsome way). huge eyes, dark complexion, crazy long/thick lashes (girls will envy him for life)…he’s just really pretty in my eyes!

that said, i discovered a new obsession and way of sharing Eli’s pictures….the red stamp app.

it. is. too. cool.

you must check it out. a few of my recent creations….everyone on my address list needs to beware!

yes, most of these use the same picture b/c i made them all in an hour span yesterday. like I said, i’m addicted!







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