party animal

Eli is going to be (well, already is) a social butterfly. we’ve been better about keeping him on more of a routine (for his sake and ours), but the reality is that life is busy and sometimes eli has to tag along for the ride. and, all in all, he’s pretty awesome with the outings.

this weekend was a big one…

his aunt lala (Laura) and new uncle jp got married this weekend. it was the most beautiful pinterest-meets-southern living outdoor wedding. at the last minute we got a sitter for the rehearsal (good call), but he was front and center for the whirlwind day of wedding activities. a breakfast (where all the little girls loved holding/hugging Eli—he made his rounds). next up (following nap time) were pictures/hangout before wedding, the ceremony all followed by the gorgeous reception. by the time the wedding rolled around he was on the verge of cranky, chilly and hungry (despite my best efforts to tweak his feedings it still fell like that- of course!). we were seated on the front row (lala – that was ballsy!), but only lasted in our seat (twice) for a total of 5 minutes. he was too iffy and i didn’t want to risk a screaming session in the midst of beautiful vows, so we watched from afar.

following the wedding, Eli made his rounds at the reception. being at a wedding with a baby is definitely a different experience…the old days of simply enjoying drinks/food/company are a thing of the past. my time was spent bouncing, cuddling, changing, feeding…and basically trying to ensure a breakdown was held at bay. side note: in hind site the leather back-zip shirt and 5″ heels (on damp grass) may not have been the best choices for making my “jobs” any easier! but they looked good:).

on Sunday following the wedding whirlwind, we packed it up and headed to louisville for my Pilates class. pk and Eli opted to join and strolled the at james art fair (the best) while i attended my course. a couple things to note here…1) this may have been a bit self-serving on pk’s part – avoiding wedding cleanup perhaps?! 2) he gained some major brownie points with my friends for his willingness to watch eli post-wedding and do it seamlessly by packing him in the bjorn around the art show while simultaneously feeding him a bottle and drinking a beer. my friends were impressed. i almost didn’t want to tell him this as I know that will come back in a future argument! 🙂

all in all, it was an exhausting and exhilarating weekend. and the icing on the cake came in the form of some uber exciting news from a dear friend. life is good!






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