highlights of our day (so far)

well we’ve been up and at it since 5:45am so i feel like it’s dinner time already! but a few highlights (and low lights )from the day:

Eli and i have been able to spend some good QT together today! he’s laughing now and it’s quite possibly the most amazing sound in all the world.

flanagan decided to run off this morning. she got picked up about 2 miles from our house (on the town square…shopping in an antique store). i called animal control and fortunately someone had called them so she was chilling at the shelter (where i volunteer). sigh. i am at a loss with her. she is acting out more and more. despite how much she annoys me at times now, i was a wreck when we realized she was gone. i may have cried. a lot.

all pumpkin lovers (like me), must immediately go purchase these little nuggets (blue diamond pumpkin spice almonds!). i found them at Walgreens today and will be making another trip ASAP to stock up. pumpkin goodies always sell out to fast and these (while not quite my trader joes sea salt dark chocolate almonds) are crazy yummy!

off to enjoy a walk with Eli…and to lowe’s to buy a replacement electric fence collar for a certain pup.




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