4 months

today is a BIG day in our house.

first, a moment of reflection. one year ago this week, we found out we were pregnant. it gives me chills to think about it. in fact, i wrote about it here via a delayed post as i did with all my posts before we “announced” our news. it’s hard to believe that one year later i am snuggling with my four-month old baby boy. so much has changed in a year — i’ve learned so much about myself as a person, a mother, a friend and a wife. i am forever grateful.

second, today is eli’s four-month birthday! how on earth i have a four-month old, i don’t know. it seems like yesterday i was holding our 6lb little nugget and scared shitless. i’m still scared every day (am i doing the right things? am i a good mom? is he developing like he should be? the list could go on for pages…), and from what i hear that will never go away. the past four months have been eye-opening and amazing. i apologize to friends/family for being MIA quite a bit (that’s a goal i’m working on), but at the end of the day i just had to hunker down and focus on eli and my sweet little family. we were in survival mode — just trying to get through the days. but somewhere over the past few weeks i feel like things have clicked. our infant became more of a little man. his personality, his smiles, his giggles (amazing), his expressions…they are all priceless. and, the days (and nights!) seem to be getting easier. we’re in a routine (somewhat) and every day is more fun and amazing than the last.

last, but not least, today also marks eli’s four-month doctor appointment (and shots). i’ve heard this round is a doozy so we have big plans of snuggles and hugs this evening. the one thing i am excited about at the doctor is finding out how much this little man weighs. my money is on 14lbs. pk is saying 14.25. we’ll see who wins (and has to do the dirty diaper duty tonight).

a few things about eli at 4 months:

*he’s started giggling, and it’s the best sound ever. i wish i could bottle it. i guess in a sense i have…i keep a video of him laughing on my phone and watch it about 3x a day (or hourly!).
*he has an amazing grip — especially when it comes to my hair and necklaces. i foresee me wearing no dangly earrings for the next few years.
*this boy loves, loves tv. i know, it’s not “good” for kids, but seriously what damage can it do at this point. he just likes the lights and movement. in the mornings, he will sit in his nap nanny for a good 15-30 minutes and watch espn (if pk’s monitoring) or gma (if i am) and it cracks me up. he does this before he even eats…it’s like he needs some time to adjust to the day…it’s his morning coffee!
*we’re still breastfeeding. things are actually going pretty well on that front. the dietician’s tips seemed to have helped with my milk supply (lots of protein) and giving him 1-2 formula bottles a day has really helped me beef up my freezer stash. my goal is still 1-day at a time, but in my heart i would love to get him to 10-12 months on breast milk. we’ll see what happens. right now, he’s still easily transitioning from boob to bottle, breast milk to formula. he’s a champ. let’s hope it continues. i just love the bonding with him — especially on days i’ve been on the road for work. no one else can take that time from me. it’s beautiful.
*food – i’m hoping we can start introducing some food into the mix soon…he seems really interested when we are eating and his hands are in his mouth all the time (both of which are signs he may be ready to experiment with some solids). so fun!
*rolly poly – he’s officially rolling. we finally stopped swaddling him at night since he was rolling over (it scared me too much to let him be face down with his hands bound). and, honestly, he sleeps better on his belly. now that he can roll himself back and forth with regularity (at least in bed!), i am not as worried about him being on his belly at night. and, it sure has helped us get a few more hours between nighttime feedings!
*sophie the giraffe teething toy is genius. that’s all.

i’d be lying if i said i didn’t have a lot on my mind these days– most specifically with work and some decisions that surround it — but at the end of the day when my brain is frazzled and i’m exhausted from travels, i snuggle with eli and everything else melts away. add a glass of wine to that mix and life is pretty darn perfect.

6 thoughts on “4 months

  1. Mo says:

    Happy 4 months Eli! So sweet 🙂

    Would love to hear more details on how you’ve changed your diet for breast feeding based on the RD’s recommendations. I feel like my supply could be better. By late day/evening my baby gets pretty fussy while BF and Im pretty sure it’s because I don’t have anything left by that point.

    • dogsarekids says:

      Thanks! Well, I haven’t been excellent at following her recommendations but I’ve really beefed up (no pun intended) my protein intake. I’m still falling short of 180 grams but getting more than I was before. And I’ve been eating more good fats in general and drinking more water (sparkling water especially b/c I’m obsessed). and, I think giving him a couple (1-2 max) formula bottles a day has helped. That honestly has made a huge difference in being able to increase my freezer stash. I’m not stressed about having to the milk (as much!). Hope that helps!

      • Mo says:

        Thanks! I probably only get 50-70 grams of protein a day (and thats a good day.). I have really been getting a lot of extra fats (hello avocados/nuts and organic butter ;-). Will def try more eggs, fish, meat, etc.

    • dogsarekids says:

      I’ll try to post a few of the recipes she sent me. I totally feel you though on late day feedings. My boobs are deflated and he fusses during those feedings. It’s disheartening for sure. We give him a formula bottle with rice after bath / before bed and that seems to help. Do you do formula? I’ve been eating a lot of eggs, almonds (the pumpkin spice ones are insane), chicken, dark chocolate…that sort of thing. And a glass or two of wine every now and then (I.e. day) can’t hurt! Right?! 🙂

  2. Mo says:

    Yes, we have been doing a formula bottle at night since I’m so dried up at that point. I would love to see some of the recipes or ideas of what you’ve been doing to get that much protein, as it sounds impossible to me. I do probably need to increase my water intake, it’s just that wine tastes so much better 🙂

    • dogsarekids says:

      Hey! I agree — red wine and I are having a love affair of late. Have you had the $3.99 la finca malbec from TJ? it’s actually very good (espcially with the dark chocolate sea salt almonds — which have protein!). She recommended snacks with protein as that’s where I fall short — incorporating more greek yogurt, protein powder smoothies, cottage cheese (yuck), eggs, kashi cereal, etc. Oh, and have you had the “think thin” protein bars? The creamy peanut butter is the best (especially if you put it in fridge) — it has 20 grams of protein in one bar! I’ve been trying to get protein at every meal and then adding it to snacks too. Water definitely helps. But, I have to be honest, the past few days have been rough as far as milk. I feel like i’m drying up more now too. Sigh. I’m just going to do what I can do.

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