weekend wrap up

lots going on around eli’s crib these days. the weekend was a busy (and great!) one.

friday night our little family laid low — we enjoyed pizza, wine and giggles with our little man. saturday was a busy/productive day with a great fall friend get-together that evening. eli had to wear the skull legwarmers to celebrate…i just can’t get enough of him in leg warmers (despite his daddy’s hatred). bright and early sunday morning, eli and i hit the road for lexington to visit with gram (my mom), poppy (my dad) and my brother/sister-in-law/nephew who were in from atlanta. alex (my sweet nephew) turns two this week so they came in town to have a mini celebration. it’s hard to believe he’s already two — it seems like yesterday we were celebrating his first birthday when i was merely a few weeks pregnant. alex is amazing — i cannot believe how much he changes every time we see him. we played (lots of cars), hung out and had a great sushi take-out dinner with the fam. eli was a trooper — he slept the entire drive from glasgow to lexington (2.5 hours!)…and i was pretty proud of myself for being able to hold off on a potty break despite the ginormous vat of coffee i consumed prior to leaving (note to self: not a good idea when traveling alone with an infant).

monday morning, eli and i migrated to corbin for him to meet my nana. it was beautiful. it made her day, and mine. seeing my sweet nana with my sweet boy was just more beautiful than words. and icing on the cake was having my mom there too — 4 generations of family in one room is truly a miracle.

monday afternoon eli and i met my mom’s best friends for a late lunch / viewing. on a side note, i can only hope that one day my girlfriends and i have the same relationship as my mom and her buds. despite the various stages/places they are in life, they remain the best of friends — gossip, chatter, photo swapping (of grandkids of course) — it’s just too cute.

the weekend was near perfection (only missing pk — he was on call). tuesday came fast and hard and felt a little too much like a monday. but, more on that in another post — let’s just say a BIG decision was finally made and thank goodness for wine.

for now, some pics to summarize the amazing weekend.

(and yes, i do have a tan tank top under my gray sweater so it’s not a side-boob shot).






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