did we dream it?

ladies and gentleman, we had success. i don’t want to get too hyper-excited as it could totally be a fluke, but Eli did it. he officially slept through the night! 4.5 months and counting! (side note: i did not as i kept waiting for him to wake up and my boobs were Pamela Anderson crazy by this morning — at least for me). but, back to the important thing here. he slept! from 8:45-6:15 (with one mini wake up at 11pm that involved pk merely picking him up and rocking him for 5 minutes — no diaper, no food).

i consider this a huge success. is it the addition of rice (out of a bowl!) twice a day? the fact that after three days he finally pooped and was so relieved he just wanted to crash? the semi later night after dinner with friends / being over stimulated. who knows. i am sure it won’t be recreated tonight as we are out of town, but I’ll take it when i can get it!

that’s all for now. updates to come on my new life path/change…i officially resigned my job.

Cheers to a happy weekend! and a few pics to share….





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