lil’ cardinal fan

it’s no secret that our house bleeds red (yes I’m a convert–you would be too if you were married to pk–our house is much more pleasant with cardinal wins!). anyway, eight plus years of living in louisville and marrying a die-hard fan turned me into one and eli pretty much had no choice. from day one (actually long before that as it started the day we found out we were having a boy) pk has been dreaming about his UL memories with eli. it may sound crazy, but it makes my heart smile. he’s been to every football game so far this year and today he attended his first basketball game (scrimmage). side note: he went to a lot of bball games in my belly! he was a dream — he honestly seems to love ballgames. the people, the noise, the colors, the movement–he soaks it all in. and, of course, he’s always decked out in UL gear (we bought him the BEST winter hat today!).

i can’t help but love my lil’ cardinal! (sorry mom and dad!)




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