wearing. me. out.

and I’m not talking about eli. i’m talking about the other kids. Flanagan and griff. Especially flanagan. big sigh.

people told me this would happen and i truly didn’t believe them. and honestly if our dogs were even semi well-behaved/obedient, it would be different. but they are not. and they are wearing on my last nerve.

here’s the deal. eli is obviously intense…awesome, but intense. and then you add to that two crazy, barking, howling, major shedding dogs and it becomes too much. the doorbell rings – they go insane. the mailman walks by – they go ballistic. our nanny shows up – they act like they’ve never seen a person (or her!) before. (side note – she LOVES our dogs which is huge).

most recently Flanagan has gotten progressively old and crabby. she’s taken over a dining room chair (and proceeded to ruin it) and she realized her electric fence collar was broken. not good.

two weeks ago she went on explore while i was at work. two hours later animal control had picked her up (browsing around an antique store on the town square a mile away). yesterday she ran off on my mom. she looked right at my mom, turned and ran (much like a stubborn child!). three hours and many walks/drives around town later, someone found her exploring outside a local restaurant a mile away (she apparently likes to eat and shop like her mama). pk is over flanagan’s antics. i on the other hand have a super soft spot and can’t let her just go. as mad as i get, she’s been part of our life through most of our marriage and our entire fertility journey. that is a deep Connection. i mean, at one point i used my fertility syringes to administer peroxide to Flanagan after she consumed chocolate. and she ALWAYS seemed to know when we had a failed attempt and would spend the next fee days by my side (and uncharacteristically calm). so long story short, as much as she annoys the fire out of me, she still holds a special place in my heart. they both do. when griff lays in front of eli’s nursery gate (protecting/guarding) it melts my heart.

so, i have no solution other than a new electric fence collar for Flanagan and new/updated tags for both. as much as they both are wearing me out, i definitely want eli to grow up with dogs. these dogs.


2 thoughts on “wearing. me. out.

  1. Christine says:

    This broke my heart reading your post. Please have patience and enough love to love your fur babies and baby. Because, believe me, your heart will be broken when they’re gone ~ trust me!

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