paying it forward

hmmmm…i think i’ll go into reproductive endocrinology.

cutest little doctor ever

love honest company diapers (especially on sale on gilt groupe!)

our sweet little fam

chillin’ with grandmother. he knows where the m&m’s come from.

cici and d giving eli lots of smooches

watching charlie brown’s great pumpkin with my daddy. a halloween tradition.

for those of you on facebook, you know that eli was a handsome mini-pk for halloween…dr. eli. it was too cute for words. seriously. and, i love that he now has a pair of scrubs to wear to the hospital/work with daddy (he sometimes goes to round with pk…it’s pretty darn cute and i know it brings a smile to the patients in the hospital). anyway, dr. eli was a hit for halloween. and, cici even gave him a sample of his very first sucker (don’t was just a few sucks). but, i can assure you that he is his mama’s child…he latched on to that sugary sweetness like a pro and didn’t want to let it go. this could be a problem…we may fight over chocolate later in life.

so, between his daytime “skeleton” costume, his appearance as dr. eli, his skull diapers (i mean how appropriate that i opened the package of honest company skull diapers on halloween!) and visits to cici/d’s and grandmothers to show him off, we had a good holiday. and, we topped it all off with a viewing of charlie brown’s great pumpkin.

back to the doctor costume…initially we decided he was a surgeon like his daddy (which is what his onsie under the scrubs said), but then we determined that IF he were in fact to go to med school to become a physician, he would have to be a reproductive endocrinologist. first, without an exceptional re physician, eli wouldn’t be here so it’s only appropriate. second, and just as important (kidding), reproductive endocrinology is a CASH business…i.e. little gold mines. insurance rarely pays anything, money is required up front and the business is BOOMING. i’m pushing for dr. eli to be the next dr. awadalla (and to take care of his mommy/daddy down the road!)

in all seriousness, without dr. awadalla and his team of amazing staff at institute for reproductive health, eli wouldn’t be here. they will forever hold a soft spot in my heart and soul. and because of our long journey (with a beautiful ending), i will forever “pay it forward” to those still suffering and navigating the world of infertility. just in the past month i’ve had hour-long conversations with three girls from three different stages of my life, all suffering from infertility. because of our journey, i feel i can shed some light on their struggles and give them a glimmer of hope in the dark and lonely path. when i was in that sad and scary place, it helped tremendously to speak with people both going through the SAME thing at that time and to talk with people on the other side. they provided hope and kept my spirits high and sanity somewhat in tact. i only hope i have been and can be that source for others traveling down the long/scary/ugly world of infertility. please know you are not alone. find someone and talk to them…it really does help.

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