social butterfly

leaning babies

photoshoot with my girlfriends

ul game love

cozy at the ul game


once again, eli was a little social butterfly this weekend. he’s become quite the party animal — always the life of the party (either in a good/happy way OR by throwing a fit). he was both this weekend.

we were up/at it early saturday morning to head to louisville for the ul game. it was chilly, but fortunately our covered/heated seats made it doable for eli. plus, it gave us an excuse to rock the new hat and cuddle. i have to take full advantage of these days while they are here!

saturday night we hosted a couples baby shower for one of my dear friends, kendall. the “lumberjack” party was a success — so fun to celebrate their soon-to-arrive addition (and one of eli’s future buddy’s) with a pinterest-inspried party (think french fries in mason jars, smore’s, champagne/beer, photo wall with props, etc.). good times.

eli did exceptional at the game, but hit a wall at the party and got super fussy. the damn daylight savings time didn’t help either…we may just have to pretend that doesn’t exist in our house. sigh. anyway, he pulled himself together and actually slept well both weekend nights (and then had a super shitty night sunday night — again blaming it on a combo on DST and teething — lethal combination if i do say so myself). but i digress.

sunday morning, we popped up bright and early (again, eli’s body doesn’t understand DST) for a photoshoot with three of his girlfriends (i.e. my girlfriends babies who were all born within 3 months of eli — older women).

it. was. adorable.

four little cuties all dressed in their toboggan and jeans “posing” for pics at a beautiful farm. i cannot wait to see the pictures that our friend/mom-of-one-of-baby’s shot — she’s an AWESOME photographer. i shall post a link when they are up with her info.

good times for sure, but i’m 100% ready for this coming weekend of relaxation/family time in our home. as much fun as it is to be a social butterfly, i’m ready to hibernate for a bit. with my boys.

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