five months

i’m 5 months old. and getting cuter by the day.

sunday was another big day in our house. my birthday weekend was made even better as sunday marked eli’s 5-month birthday. i’m trying to do monthly “birthday” update posts but let’s not kid ourselves…sometimes they just don’t happen. however, SO much has changed in the past couple months so this one was a must.

from month 3 to month 4 we saw huge changes. and from month 4 to month 5, we’ve seen him change from a baby to a little boy. i know, i know it will only become more so and i have no idea — but for now this is what i know. he has seriously become a little boy with a personality. and it’s awesome.

he is SO much fun. so. much. fun.

he’s eating oatmeal (and killing/loving it). he’s definitely ready to try out some food (i may have given him a few bites of organic pumpkin the other day…he loved it). as soon as we return from florida next week, we’re venturing into the world of solids. butternut squash here we come…i guess i need to learn how to make baby food on pinterest while at the beach. it just cannot be that hard.

he’s laughing (a lot) – he loves raspberries, loves bath time and loves having his clothes changed before bath time…these things create tons of laughter. and, it’s totally contagious.

he loves his reflection in the mirror. he reaches for it, touches it, smiles at it. so cute!

he adores music. music seems to calm him during most (most being the key word) times of distress. he loves it.

he needs his “chill” time in the morning — after waking he needs a good 20-30 minutes to observe his surroundings and ease in to the day. espn and gma are his favorite shows to “watch” during this morning “coffee time” (espn when daddy gets up with him, gma when i do).

he is not a patient boy. he wants what he wants, when he wants it. i can’t imagine where he got this trait.

we’re still hanging in as far as breastfeeding and pumping. good times. he is getting 1-2 formula bottles a day (2 if nanny is here, 1 if i’m here all day as we always do formula before bed). i am still able to keep up with his needs as far as breastfeeding, but it’s getting harder by the day. i just can’t let it go yet…i love, love, love breastfeeding him. it warms my heart.

this is just a snapshot of what is going on in eli’s world. i can’t even begin to list all the amazing and funny things he is doing — and i can’t wait to see what these next few months hold for us. i’ll do my best to keep documenting it.

and, while eli has been changing, somewhere over the past couple months i went from being a scared “new mom” to feeling like it has started to click. of course, i still question things, google constantly, worry, second guess, etc. but i’m a lot less stressed and overwhelmed about parenting. (check again early next week when we’re taking our first plane ride/trip with a baby!). i’m sure this will ebb and flow as he grows older, but for now i feel like we’re getting the hang of this (maybe it’s the fact that we’re at least getting 4 hours of solid straight sleep most nights. that helps everyone!).


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