a few (fun) firsts

the past few days have included several “firsts” for eli.

first, we had three straight nights of amazing sleep. i mean amazing. as in 9-10 hours straight. it’s positively refreshing to have a full night of (semi) uninterrupted sleep. i say “semi” because i still wake up constantly. but not having to physically get up makes a huge difference. (side note: immediately following these great three days, we packed up and headed to florida as noted below…meaning we’ve royally screwed his schedule. here’s to hoping he gets right back in the groove when we land in the bluegrass later this week).

second, as referenced above, eli has his first plane ride (x2). we are currently in key west for a wedding of two of our dear friends. we had two flights yesterday (lou to atlanta, atlanta to key west) and despite being nap deprived, he was a trooper. he did great. i have to admit, i was a little freaked about bringing him (but far more freaked to leave him for 3-4 days), but once again, he proved to be a dream. the worst part…the unbelievable volume of shit we had to haul around the airport. next time, i’m for sure packing us ALL lighter. geez.

third, today eli visited the beach for the first time (for his second wedding during his lifetime). pics to come as he looked simply adorable (think fedora and vest). once again, despite being 100% sleep/nap deprived, he was excellent. he complimented the wedding party with his adorable outfit and personality. it was exceptional. after the wedding this morning and a beautiful, intimate outdoor lunch reception we strolled downtown key west. and, now, at 7:35pm on a vacation night, we are happily tucked in at our condo for the night. well, i say “tucked in”…eli is tossing/turning in his pack-n-play and we are having a cocktail while playing on our computers and watching tv. and it feels good! sure, in the old days (sans child) we would be out to dinner/bar hopping, but this is perfect.

pictures to come once we get home and can upload them. but for now, we’re off to enjoy a few more (hopefully) blissful, sunny days as a family.

happy thanksgiving!


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