baby food making

watch out Martha…i’m venturing into the baby food making world. this morning i broke out our sur la table baby food maker (please note – i got this for a crazy good deal when i was about one month pregnant. i know a food processor could do the same thing but we only have a miniature one so i jumped on the deal when it presented itself). anyway, the parts and directions were a little intimidating but it ended up being super easy. during our Louisville trip yesterday we picked up some precut butternut squash for $4.99 at trader joe’s (as well as 7000 other things we “needed” – damn them for having their holiday peppermint/chocolate madness out). i steamed/puréed half the bag in less than 30 minutes, which resulted in probably 20 servings. i may not be a math genius, but I basically spent around $5 for what will make 40 plus 1.5 Tablespoon servings of food for Eli. that’s pretty awesome if i do say so myself. take that jarred baby food! (side note: i do have some jarred food to use when traveling and i am not opposed to it — it just seems so easy and budget friendly to make his food for the time being. and i like knowing what is going in his body.). i’m using a food guide from baby center. my plan is to give him the boob in the morning followed by some oatmeal (mixed with BM) and a tablespoon of squash about an hour later. he’ll get the same around his 5pm feeding.

eli’s verdict of my “cooking”…he seemed semi-impressed. he ate it..with a few funny faces!






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