teeth and things

the week has been a whirlwind of pilates, studying, working (new jobs and old!), decorating (a little), unpacking, packing, stressing, etc. i cannot lie, i am a bit frazzled. tomorrow i take my first pilates practical exam. the old mer would be 100% prepared (over prepared in fact). the new mommy-mer who is balancing mommy-hood with work with play doesn’t quite have the same amount of concentration and/or time (or brainpower). but, alas, it will all work out. i feel pretty good about it. i think. we shall see.

anyway, on to the more important stuff…the man of the house.

mr. eli has popped out two (yes TWO) teeth in the past week. and, you know what? he’s been a trooper. other than a few bites (ouch!) and a little more drooling/chewing than normal, he hasn’t been too bothered by these new little friends. in fact, i think he likes them. he keeps pushing his tongue out and playing with them. (speaking of, sticking his tongue out is one of his new favorite things…it was out at least for the first 30 minutes we were at my parents house tonight. it’s hysterical.)

a few other new things that happened this week during my blog-posting hiatus…

he must be going through a growth spurt because the boy is hungry. i mean hungry. he can plow through a bottle (or my full boobs), chow down on some oatmeal and polish off some butternut squash and still act hungry. it’s quite amazing. even more amazing (and sad) is when he then doesn’t poop for a few days. that happened over the weekend which was not fun. at all.

he isn’t yet crawling but he can scoot and roll his way around a room (hence the need to baby proof the fire place soon).

he is really developing a funny personality. he loves to smile, loves to laugh and loves to stick his tongue out. his laugh seriously makes my heart melt and is music to my ears. i want to bottle the noise. forever and ever.

eli and i are currently in lexington at my parents. i have a pilates exam tomorrow and class on sunday so eli is crashing gram and poppy’s for the weekend. after being with him so much over thanksgiving and being home every night this week, i am sort of having a hard time thinking about being away from him for 36 hours. i know it sounds crazy, but i just like having him near me. all the time. this weekend will be a nice balance of work and fun (pilates test tomorrow, girls christmas party tomorrow eve and pilates class on sunday), but i am already looking forward to sunday at 4pm when i will get to snuggle him again.

that’s all for now. sorry for the rambling post. clearly this is an “i need to be studying/cramming but i am procrastinating| post.



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