green beans and things

i cannot lie, i am brain dead. you know that feeling when you complete a big task that you’ve been preparing for…you feel relieved and exhausted at the same time. add that to a weekend away, travels, etc and, well, i am tired! but today was tiring and rejuvenating. Eli and i had a fantastic morning including library music hour and a walk outside (December 3rd and it was 72 degrees and sunny… Crazy!). i also tackled a ton on my work to-do list and even made it to target, made dinner and we put up our tree. i must say, i am impressed with the amount completed today. i certainly didn’t expect a super productive Monday after the crazy weekend (sometimes setting your expectations low can be good!).

and, on top of it all, eli had another first today (every day has a first!). he tried green beans today. the verdict? he LOVED them. he was covered with green purée, but he loved every bite that made it in his sweet mouth. too adorable. pretty sure he is taking after his mama and is a veggie lover.

i hate that i missed (another) girls night tonight, but love that i got to spend the evening with my sweet family–eating green beans, decorating the tree and listening to DMB (concert tomorrow!). pretty awesome.








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