snotty noses

well, it’s official. we are in the midst of eli’s first “under the weather” experience. granted (knock on wood), it seems to only be a head cold and not (yet) the full blow nasty funk/flu/strep that is making the rounds down here. we are keeping him confined to the house in hopes he doesn’t get exposed to the more severe junk floating around.

seeing eli feel bad is quite possibly the worst. the worst. being the trooper he is, he continues to be pretty playful and happy but definitely crankier and snottier than normal. and, our routine, yeah well it’s out the window right now. sleeping in our arms, late nights, up many times…that’s what’s been happening in this neck of the woods for the past 36 hours.

we’ve become good buddies with the suction bulb thingy (don’t know the technical name), baby mucinex, pedialyte and nasal saline drops. the doctor recommended we treat with this cocktail first and see if he gets better as they are trying to keep him OUT of their overly infected office if possible (where he will be exposed to even more crud). so, that’s what we’ve been doing. i bailed on lunch plans and a meeting today in leiu of cuddling with my boy and tomorrow i will likely be bailing on pk’s work xmas party. we are supposed to head to louisville this weekend, but it either 1) won’t be happening simultaneously or 2) i will be in the hotel room with eli while pk goes to the ul game and does his xmas shopping and then he will be in the room with him while i do my shopping and pilates course. if anyone wants a present this year, we sorta need to make a dent (i.e. start this weekend) so this may be the way it works. we shall see.

in the meantime, i’m sipping (chugging?) a nice large glass of wine and hoping to get in bed at a semi-reasonable hour. who knows what the night will entail…

here’s to hoping little man feels better asap.

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