we almost made it 6 months

Eli is just shy of 6 months old (next tuesday). we almost (so close!) made it 6 full months before he had his first bout of sickness. and now, we are in the thick of it. first and foremost, he’s doing okay. yes, he is sick, but he is a trooper.

tuesday night we arrived home from the dave matthews concert (awesome) to a semi-fussy baby. to be honest, my gut sorta told me he was starting to get sick. there was something about the way he was clingy and fussy–it was just different. Wednesday he wasn’t acting sick, but he was just a little clinger still. by that night he had a full fledged cold. we called our pediatrician Thursday morning (and my dad who is also a pediatrician — so lucky, I know), and we started adding mucinex, pedialyte and nasal saline drops to our routine. there has been SO much flu, rsv and strep going around that they didn’t want us to bring him in if it wasn’t necessary. today he seemed to be on the upswing. while still fussy and clingy, he seemed to be feeling better…until late this afternoon. over the course of one nap, he went from ok to not ok. so, we took him to the peds office at 4:30 on Friday evening. yes, we were those people. and I don’t even care.

the verdict? our poor baby has rsv. so far, he’s handling it well. they have us a prescription for a nebulizer but we don’t have to use it (yet). basically, we need to feed him as much as he will, let him sleep and make sure he’s generating wet diapers. so, that’s been our day and will be our weekend.

today, i feel like a true parent. no holiday party tonight, no holiday shopping/Louisville shopping and ballgame weekend tomorrow, no girlfriend time, no me time. today and this weekend, it’s all about eli. and i am a-ok with that. the only thing that matters right now is his health. as illustrated in my tears this afternoon (and tonight), i would take being sick 1000 times over him having a cold (or anything), any day. it’s heartbreaking.




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