a sick cookie

sick snuggles

sick snuggles

this has been a rough week and weekend. i cannot lie. in many ways, it feels like we have a newborn all over again. up all night, living in a constant state of alert/panic, random fussiness, walking around in a daze (everyone — eli, pk, me), forgetfulness. the whole nine yards. only this time, it’s because we have a sick little cookie.

it is seriously the saddest thing ever. as i shared before, eli has rsv. he’s doing pretty good all things considered, but he is definitely not himself. he just feels yucky. and you can tell.

last night and today seem to be the worst so far (meaning hopefully we are on our way up now!). we were up ALL night long. i mean, all night. today, i had class in louisville. i cried as i drove away from our house (30 minutes late) and cried the whole drive out of town. finally, i turned around. i rescheduled my class (for a fee, but totally worth it…thanks to very understanding teachers). i knew it would be a complete waste…my heart and mind would be with eli all day. he needed me just as much as i needed him.

and so we’ve spent another day cooped up. i’m essentially quarantining him until this friday. yep, he’s gonna hate it. almost as much as he hated the nebulizer this morning (saddest thing ever).

and, i must admit. pk and i are beat. we are walking zombies. i already wonder how we made it through those first 3 months of ZERO sleep. adrenaline i suppose! anyway, coffee (and now wine) have been lifesavers for sure. tomorrow (and tonight) will ideally bring a healthier eli and restful eve for all.

but despite the sleeplessness, fussiness and tears, eli is still the best little boy ever. he may keep me up all night and put me on a brink of total meltdown mode, but he rocks. one smile and one laugh and all the cries melt away. love this boy.

more later. cheers to health.

i sure don't look sick!

i sure don’t look sick!

my first nebulizer.

my first nebulizer.


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