on my mind

i apologize in advance for the mish mosh of randomness that will likely occur in this post caused by 4 days of being cooped up with a sick baby, not enough showers, not enough sleep, too much coffee, too much chocolate…the list goes on. but, i do have some things on my mind today.

first, it truly is amazing the power of a hot shower. i mean, truly. after a SUPER long night (eli was up about 4x, i stepped in dog shit in our kitchen at 2am thanks to spoiled dogs who didn’t want to get wet, and pretty much another sleepless night), i was none too cheerful this morning. yes, i should have napped when eli finally decided to go down for his nap, but a shower was just too enticing. and, it was great. i almost feel human!

second, and more important, i have two friends having big days today in the world of fertility. a dear friend of mine is in the hospital about to give birth to her first son this morning. sometime today her life will change, forever. it gives me chills to think about it. i cried talking (via text) with her yesterday as she truly has no idea what a beautiful chapter she is starting today. you think you know, but you just don’t until it starts. i couldn’t be happier for her.

another friend is at the beginning of her journey and had IVF transfer today. my thoughts are with her as she embarks on the next two weeks…they are rough. you wonder, you worry, you question, you dwell. i gave her my advice…load up on pineapple and walnuts, don’t tell anyone the “date” you will know and try to stay busy and relax (like it’s possible to relax when you are in the longest two week wait of your life). anyway, my (fertile) thoughts go out to her today. hang in there…i can only hope this is it for you. i can only hope.

that’s all for now. i am actually venturing out of the house today…yeah! eli is staying here with our wonderful nanny while i get some fresh air (raining albeit) and time to myself.

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