6 months


i really cannot believe six months has escaped us. it seems like yesterday that i remember sitting on the porch with our 3 day of baby wondering if i was starving him to death because my milk had yet to come “in”. and, strangely, it also seems like eons ago. the vast learning curve of becoming a parent makes it hard to believe it was ONLY six months ago that he came into our lives. in such a short amount of time, we somehow have evolved into new beings. yes, we are still “mer and pk”. but, now, we’re more. we’re “eli’s parents”. and that, my friends, is the most beautiful, daunting, rewarding and stressful role. ever.

as noted in the past week of posts, we’ve had a REALLY fun six days with sickness (can you say overwhelming?). ugh. but, despite the yucky week, this stage is simply amazing. here’s a snapshot of eli at six months:

* everything within reach is fair game. he grabs and reaches for everything and rolls/shimmies himself everywhere. he can somehow get across the room by rolling (quickly). it’s pretty amazing. things should be interesting when he starts crawling. operation baby proof (the dangerous things!) is under way. tonight, he was in the bumbo on the counter (with my supervision) and i stupidly placed my full glass of red wine within reach. the wine and glass ended up on the floor (sadness!). and, he laughed!

* bathtime pretty much now requires a swimsuit for me. he splashes and plays and obviously enjoys getting mommy and daddy wet. it’s priceless.

* he’s coming into his personality. he definitely has a stubborn streak (no clue where that comes from). you can’t shovel food in his mouth fast enough at breakfast/dinner…he wants it and he wants it “now”! same goes for his bedtime bottle, his toys, etc. he is also a flirt and will smile/coo at the ladies, almost always! and, his laugh gets more and more contagious every day.

* he is LOVING his exersaucer. bouncing is in full effect. it’s his happy place right now! it probably helps that his feet finally touch so he can actually bounce!

* the boy LOVES to eat. so far, he loves butternut squash, carrots and apples. today was day one for the apples and i must admit, homemade applesauce is pretty damn good. i sorta felt like i belong on the movie “Baby Boom” as i stood in the kitchen listening to holiday music while making applesauce for my love. he has also tried green beans and they are hit or miss. some days, he loves them. other days, he wants nothing to do with them. next up, i’m thinking about making peas and pears (not together). it’s really fun actually!

* we’ve been working on the sippy cup thing with h2o and he’s starting to get it. not completely but i’m sure within in a couple weeks, he’ll be a pro. this makes me happy b/c i always worry/wonder if he’s thirsty. it baffles my mind that babies don’t need water (I know they get it in the form of milk but still).

* sitting up is something we are working on. I’ve been teaching him some Pilates moves to strengthen his obliques so he doesn’t fall to the sides as much:). just kidding. kind of. we’re working on not falling over as much. he enjoys sitting up and playing…it’s the world at a whole new angle!

i tear up when i realize six months has come and gone. i want to freeze this stage and at the same time, i cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. he is just the most amazing person i have ever encountered. i still can’t believe that he is ours…our son. our amazing, beautiful, perfect son.

here are some six month pics…





IMG_4295how. is. eli. six. months. old.


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