the little things

today i got the pleasure of snuggling one of my best friend’s new baby boy. he. is. precious. somehow in six short months, i forgot how small and fragile eli once was. somehow in six months i momentarily forgot that amazing ball position a newborn has as they nuzzle your chest. somehow i forgot the crazy small toes, the sleepy/closed eyes, the adorable squeaks. but today, it all came flooding back. while i held baby G, i suddenly got a rush of emotions. i was transported to our first few week’s of eli’s life which was full of wonder, excitement, fear and love. it is a beautiful memory.

on my drive home from louisville, i couldn’t help but reflect on those first couple weeks and months. they seem so long ago, yet also like yesterday. i arrived home to pk and my little man looking out the window watching me pull in. eli and i played, ate dinner, played some more, laughed and snuggled. he seems so big compared to his little buddy baby G.

my heart is full of joy both for myself and my dear friend and her little bundle of joy. i’m looking forward to years of memories with our little boys.

that’s all.




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