puppy love

i don’t post about the dogs nearly as much as i mean to. they are still around — kicking it as Eli’s brother and sister. I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that they are slightly wearing on my nerves. i can’t help it — they are like two more children some days. but, all in all, we love them. and, Eli has become quite excited about them as well.

he has his eyes on them all the time. he watches with curiosity as they mope (and then bounce) around the house, bark with insanity when the postman arrives, etc. he pets (more of random pats) them when we sit in the floor with him and the pups. and, he smiles at them.

tonight, we introduced the high chair to Eli. the bumbo/tray combo just wasn’t cutting it any more…his thunder thighs are barely squeezing in it and he needs a wee more containment to control the leaning/reaching that is going on (remember the wine incident?!). so, gram and poppy bought him a high chair for Christmas and tonight we tried it out. he sits at the head of the dining room table now (that we typically NEVER use!) and is the man of the house! tonight we dined on organic pumpkin, homemade pureed pears and oatmeal. and, he had a little friend watching EVERY single bite. i think this solidified griff and Eli’s friendship. any hesitation griff had is now a thing of the past since food has the chance of being shared.

i just love this boy!






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