special times

i have always been a bit of a holiday Scrooge. well, not really a Scrooge, just never overly excited and “in” to the holidays. until now.

eli has converted me. at six months old, he has officially made me love the season of lights, music, food and gifts. the look on his face when he sees the lights, listens to the music, opens gifts (yes, he can and DID open gifts with very little help!) is enough to change even the grinchiest of souls. his elf hats and cozy reindeer butt sleepers are so adorable it makes my heart melt (and he will totally kill me down the road for these outfits!). it’s so over-the-top that it is simply precious. i could just eat him up. and knowing it’s his “first” everything just makes it that much cooler. next year he will understand a bit more, but this year we are just enjoying the memories being made. post-Christmas, i plan to do a better recap, but for now here are some highlights.

* after weeks of being cooped up with illness, we are back on the social train. earlier this week we attended a UL game in Louisville (and did some holiday shopping and dinner/bar hopping beforehand – he bellied up to the bar quite nicely!). he was quite the fan!

* we made candy together. well, he watched while i mixed and spread and bagged (and sampled – me not him!) peppermint bark. i can tell by the twinkle in his eye that he has his mama’s sweet tooth for sure! so proud. pretty sure he wanted chocolate for dinner. sqaush had to cut it though (although i may or may not have had chocolate and wine for dinner…tis the season).

* we attended Pk’s work Xmas lunch on Friday, complete with holiday overalls and all. despite a morning of meltdowns and no napping (and therefore no shower for mommy), he was the life of the party.

* yesterday we celebrated Christmas in Lexington with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, aunt and uncle. yummy wine, yummy treats and yummy company… It was a blast! Eli was fantastic. i truly think he’s missed being around people!! he already has the eyes for his older cousin, Alex. it warms my heart to see them together!

tonight we are having an intimate celebration with Pk’s immediate family, followed by the “big” eve tomorrow. and, for the third year in a row, we are hosting Christmas dinner here on Tuesday. hosting at our home really makes me feel like a complete family. last year eli was merely a bump in the belly, but now he will be bellied up to the table in his high hair nibbling on some (puréed) green beans.

so. much. love.

Oh, and i must say, it ROCKS to be able to consume (copious) amounts of wine during the holidays. THAT was hard last year!







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