this year

there are not enough words to express the joy this year has brought to me. to us. to life. eli has been and will forever be a gift so amazing that i wonder every day if it’s a dream.

becoming a mom has by far been the most rewarding, challenging and soul-deepening experience. last year on this celebratory eve pk and i dined on (cooked) sushi and went to the movies. we talked about what this year would be like, never imagining how awesome it would actually be.

today, tonight, i am awake at 1am not because I’m out toasting the new year, but because i am rocking our sweet boy who still cannot shake this nasty cold/cough. his tears are my tears. but despite the (semi) exhaustion of the month-long sickness and thwarted NYE plans, i am thankful. i wouldn’t change for a minute where i am right now (although i would possibly sell my soul for eli to feel better…but that i have learned is just being a mom and wanting your child to never suffer).

tonight we rang in the new year with wine (throwback to our dating year “special occasion” Santa Marg), homemade pizza and a kitchen dance party to old school rap music with eli and Pk (oh yes, it was captured on video!).

it. was. perfection.

happy new year loves. cheers to the end of one amazing year and the start of another.




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