what a day

where to begin.

in a nutshell, here we go. pk has been gone all week…he went to the sugar bowl (go cards!) and now is in vail skiing (where i may or may not be tomorrow…).

during the course of the week, a mouse has found residence in our home (more on that below). i’ve had about 32 meltdowns. i finally made it out of the house for some girl time. eli and i had a date at starbucks (after taking daddy to the airport). eli had his 6 month shots (finally – a month late thanks to damn rsv). eli got diagnosed with an ear infection. the dogs have been shipped off (no worries…just to the kennel “in case” i go on the trip).

so, let’s start with the mouse. i. am. disgusted. i’ve seen it once, pk’s seen it once and linda has seen it once. we set traps out, but they clearly are doing no good. and, yesterday, i found evidence of our furry enemy in our pantry. i may have gone a little nuts. first, i bought peppermint oil hoping that would help. but this morning, i found more evidence that he had visited again…in a new bag of pirates booty. ugh. so, i went gangbusters. i threw everything that was open out. i clorox wiped the entire pantry. i put all food into large tupperware bins. and i resoaked the entire pantry/cabinet with peppermint oil (on the upside, our house smells divine and fresh!). i then bought sonic sound repelents and placed them all over house, sticky traps (with PB and a chocolate chip) and snap traps. and, i have an exterminator coming on tuesday to set bait in our crawl space and garage. yes, it may seem overboard, but they are simply gross. they have entered my turf and now, they must be disposed of!

on a happier (?) note, i am still trying to decide about my vacation. i am supposed to leave in less than 12 hours. i’m somewhat packed and i’ve gotten everything organized for my amazing mom (gram) to be here and care for eli…but i haven’t committed just yet. i just don’t know. even the dr. yesterday told me i “need” to get away (damn i must look awful), but i am just freaked out. i nearly had an anxiety attack leaving him for 12 hours earlier this week when i went to louisville for girls dinner. i think being under house arrest with him during his sickness has made it harder for me to be away from him. i am having major, overwhelming, paralyzing mom guilt. while i clearly need a break, i feel terrible leaving him when he’s not 100% (he’s much better). what if my milk dries up? what if i have a full blown freak out and i’m a 3 hour flight and 2 hour drive away from home? what if i just simply am miserable? it’s now nearly 9pm the night before i leave and i seriously have yet to make a decision. but i sure have cried a lot and gotten a lot of hugs and kisses. it’s about that time that i decide…but i haven’t.

and, last but certainly not least, something happened tonight while this post was in “draft” form. it deserves a post of it’s own (and will probably get one) but i can’t think of a more beautiful way to end this odd entry…

eli said his first word. numerous times so we (mom and i) don’t think it was a fluke. he said…

“da da”

he did. i wish i could say it was “mama” but it wasn’t.:) he said it again and again. we captured it on video. sadly, pk’s phone wasn’t working when i tried to call so he doesn’t know yet…but it was amazing!

on that note, i’m off to pack (or unpack?).

bedtime / facetime with daddy

bedtime / facetime with daddy

breakfast date with mama at starbucks.

breakfast date with mama at starbucks.


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