i. am. tired.

so, this is going to be a bullet point post, but it by no means should undermine how sad i am about bullet #1 (or #2).

1. flanagan is super sick. we don’t know what’s wrong. they called from the place she was boarded monday night and said she had gotten sick and that i should take her to the vet when i picked her up on tuesday. i did. they thought maybe she had pancreatitis, but the test was negative. she is super lethargic, sad and just not doing well. it is breaking my heart. i visited her today at the vet and she had an iv in to get fluids. the vet was pretty honest with me and said it’s not looking good unless they can figure out what’s going on. my heart is sad.

2. eli also is still not 100%. his ears seem to still be bothering him (and he threw up this afternoon in the three hours i was gone). so, back to the doctor we shall go tomorrow. rsv is an evil, evil troll of a sickness. yes, it’s gone, but it’s damn effects are lingering and pissing me off. leave our house germs/sickness!

3. i took garbage out to our garage this morning first thing…and found a dead mouse in the trap (in the garage at least). the bad news: we had another one. the good news: another one bites the dust.

4. it felt good to get back to pilates/studio tonight. although i’m starting to get a little nervous about the training starting back AND my huge test in february.

5. i am really feeling the need for some girlfriend time…and not sure when it’s going to happen after looking at our crazy schedule the next few months.

6. i have eaten an obscene amount of dark chocolate this evening. obscene. oh well. it happens.

on that note…i’m signing off.

poor baby girl

poor baby girl

bath time love

bath time love


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