7 months

i am pretty sure, one out of every three posts i write these days includes this statement in some form or fashion. “where did the time go?”

i mean really. where did it go?

how is eli 7 months old? when did my little squirmy baby become a little boy with a (strong!) personality? when did he triple his birth weight? we are in for a treat – he is stubborn (like his daddy…and mommy), a wee bit inpatient (food – NOW) and demanding. all in very fun and exciting way, of course.

the 7 month mark has brought along some beautiful things. i am sure i will miss a few (so i’ll add them as i remember) but here are a few things i cannot keep for sharing:

* first words: as i shared in a previous post, eli has been saying “dada” a lot. it’s not just babbles…he sees pk and says it. it’s adorable. the pride and love in pk’s eyes when eli utters “dada” is unmistakable and warms my soul far more than any cup of hot tea / fire could ever do. he may (may?!) have accidentally uttered “mama” last night after bath time but i’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentional. nonetheless, i’ll take it.

* food: he truly loves to eat. and i mean, LOVES. this boy adores food. he almost gets in a trance when you are feeding him. we are working on sign language (specifically for “more” which includes tapping your fingers together in front of your chest). however, he has his own version of “more” which entails slapping his hands on his highchair counter. it’s too cute to not smile. and, yes, i’m probably not helping matters by giving him more when he does it. but, really, how do you resist those big brown eyes and pouty lips? we are in trouble. right now, i’m still making his food and he’s eating carrots, butternut squash, green beans, peas, apples, pears, sweet potatoes and avocado. i think this weekend i’m going to introduce some quinoa. i want to introduce some meat (i guess?) but the thought of pureeing meat totally grosses me out. so i’m gonna work with quinoa for now since it’s also a complete protein.

* breastfeeding: still happening. despite my extreme hatred for pumping (i will destroy this pump when i’m finished), i am simply not ready to give up breastfeeding. even though he stays on a lot less time these days, those precious minutes of feeding him (whether it’s 2 times a day or 6 — depending on the day/my scheduled) are my favorite. when he looks in my eyes, i melt. i am taking it one day at a time, but right now, i’m still going. if i can make it to 9-10 months, that would be awesome.

*teeth – still two.

* laughs/sounds: besides the words “dada”, eli is verbal in many other ways too. he laughs a lot (especially during nightly “naked time” before his bath). those giggles are contagious. he often gets on little tangents of noises…like he realizes he’s the one making the noise and likes it.

* play: he’s truly interested in toys (and non-traditional toys!). he loves his new (my old!) table and chairs, adores music and is still in LOVE with his bouncy. i now know why it always felt like a circus in my belly…this boy loves to move!

* me: i don’t talk about my post-baby body/mind too much (i don’t think), but now that i’m over 1/2 a year out from having a baby, i thought it was worth a bullet point. physically, i feel pretty good about my body. i have been lucky in that sense (good genes, breastfeeding and pilates all have played a role). i actually feel stronger now than i have in years…i guess motherhood requires a level of stamina and endurance that no workout can provide. i do have some “physical” goals for myself including finishing my pilates training and trying to cut back (not eliminate..never!!) my consumption of wine/chocolate to at least a more “normal” level (i am assuming a large lindt chocolate bar and 2 huge glasses of wine every night is not “normal/good” — again, thanks breastfeeding!). but, these are just things i want to do for increased energy — not for physical changes. so, all in all, i’m feeling pretty good. as far as “personal” time – things are getting better there too. i was pretty much a hermit for a couple months (well, 7 to be exact…eli and pilates did that to me!), but i’m now getting out a little more and seeing friends/family more often. just this week i had girlfriends over for a globes viewing and went to a concert with some of my nearest and dearest. i always have guilt leaving Eli, but i know it’s necessary. and it keeps me (somewhat) sane…which in the end makes me a better mama.

* us: our family is strong. we are happy. after a very long, difficult month (december = blur) of sickness combined with holiday chaos, i feel like we are in a great place. we are getting out more, enjoying our time together and just having fun watching eli grow and change. i am beyond thankful for my sweet, little family.





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