simple enough

we are all guilty of it…we spend far too much time/energy/focus on what we “should” be doing, dwelling on what we “did” do, planning for how to accomplish the next “big” thing, etc. so much so that we forget to step back, take in a deep breath and appreciate. just appreciate.

my to-do list is looming (as usual). things have taken the back burner. and that’s okay. tomorrow (or next week) i’ll tackle more, but today this quote is my inspiration (thanks, jack kerouac). and, AW – i will check out his literature now that i have your recomendation…sounds interesting! i’ll add to my “to-do” list.

as i sit here working on this gorgeous, sunny day, i am truly happy. i am in love with my sometimes chaotic/sometimes boring/sometimes crazy/sometimes adventurous/sometimes slow/sometimes overwhelming/always beautiful life.


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