time flies when you are having fun

someone (a mom) said the following to me recently and it really hit home:

“the days are long, but the weeks/months/years are short.”
this. is. so. true.

we are already creeping on eli’s 8 month birthday.

he’s getting one-year birthday party invitations from his buddies whose mom’s i was pregnant with.

last week we started swim lessons (i use the word lessons very loosely…more like play time in the water with mommy/daddy in a group setting). it is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. seriously.

we spent the weekend at gram/poppy’s where he had his first “real” bathtub experience and LOVED it. bathtime at “eli’s crib” is moving upstairs to his bath (as opposed to the boon tub) very soon. i think we keep delaying because it means he’s growing up. sadness (and happiness!).

peak-a-boo and “if you’re happy and you know it” are his two favorite games right now. they can occupy for quite a while!

he tried quinoa for the first time today and loved it!

i bought him a seersucker suit. no words.

he’s changing/growing every single day.

he’s a little man.

all that said, the statement at the beginning is so true. tuesday we were home alone all day (until swim). it was by far the greatest highlight this week, but seeing that he woke up at 6am and didn’t nap, it made for a LONG day. at 9am i had consumed 3 cups of coffee and was basically ready for lunch. but, it’s so worth it. i feel blessed to have the best of both worlds right now…i have the flexibility to be with him so much, while also have the opportunity to be doing something i love (teaching/training pilates and marketing freelance work) with enough regularity that it keeps me sane and keeps me craving the long days alone with my little man. life is about balance and i think (hope!) that’s what we are striving for. every day is a new chance for eli to learn something and do something new. that never seems to get old. ever.










2 thoughts on “time flies when you are having fun

  1. Such cute pictures! And I completely agree with that quote about time. I think about that often.

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