big boy on the move

another busy and fun week at eli’s crib!

first and foremost, i am claiming it. we are crawling. granted, it’s still a scooch/roll/slide combo a lot of the time, but he is up on all fours and getting places. it. is. awesome. and, it means we NEED to deal with the stairs asap. i have a feeling i’m getting ready to be in for a rude awakening when it comes to danger zones in our home. no more leaving the room for a brief moment these days! we are on the move!

another big boy move this week, we moved bath time upstairs to the real bathtub. no more “salad bowl” as gram/poppy call it (aka the boon bathtub that sits on our sink). it’s a little less convenient for us (his bedroom is downstairs but our only bathtub/his bathroom are upstairs), but the smile on his face and the 30 minutes of pure blissful splashing play time is worth it! the boy loves water (about as much as he loves food – yo baby and rice o’s are newest faves! ).

he also has discovered his love for wooden spoons, iphones and remote controls. who needs hundreds of baby toys when you have household items! too bad we didn’t get that memo earlier.

outside of the house, we’ve had a busy week as well. last weekend we had a play date with two of eli’s “older” girlfriends. two of my good friends had babies a couple months before me so we got them together for a little baby (and mommy!) playdate. they played, we drank mimosas. it was a happy day! we also had a happy hour event for a charity that i hosted (and eli attended and was the life of the party … at least in my eyes!). we had a road trip to nashville for a shopping afternoon and dinner with aunt lala and uncle jp. we had a dinner playdate with a little boy who is a couple days younger than eli. we also went to the library for story hour, had another swim lesson and went on a couple of family walks (love 65 degrees in february!). and, the busy week has been topped off with a lovely, low-key friday with my boy. we’ve played, baked (raw chocolate truffles using dates and coconut oil – amazing) and played some more.

pretty awesome if i do say so myself.

must cut this short now…i hear some peeps from the bedroom. so much for a nap (he went down 10 minutes ago!). the boy does not love sleep.










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