8 months: snotty noses, valentines, crawling, playdates and tofu

yep, that pretty much sums up our week (in no particular order). it was another busy one but full of fun things…and a few non-fun things (i.e. snotty noses and cold for the whole family).

first things first, eli turned 8 months old this week! where has the time gone?! i cry at least once a week thinking of how fast he is growing. seriously. our little 6lb5oz nugget is turning into a little man before our eyes. it’s beautiful, scary and amazing all wrapped into one.

life has a way of flying by far too fast. and that is certainly the case with eli. i’ve made it my goal to REALLY try to not sweat the small stuff and focus on the present. whenever i am feeling overwhelmed (like now!) i am attempting to step back, take a breath and count my many blessings. hey, at least I am trying!

back to the details though…

8 months has brought a few new things:

*crawling – is officially happening. i “claimed” it on here before, but now it’s the real deal. Operation baby gates in full effect.

*remote controls and iPhones- these are the real baby toys. no need for hundreds of dollars of baby gear when all he wants is my phone, our remotes and whatever we are eating. oh and side note, my phone microphone is having a rough time thanks to baby drool!

*tofu – as far as eating goes, Eli is still loving it all. i mean all! he is a chunky monkey and I love it. this week we added in tofu for some protein and he loves it! he also gnawed on a strawberry in one of those mesh pouch things (which gross me out) and loved it. until griff took it.

*words – still no “mama” but he has been killing “dada” and “nana”. i am confident (or hopeful!) mama is around the corner.

*sleeping – still hit or miss and the cold /congestion hasn’t helped. but he did snooze on me for 2 hours yesterday morning and this morning — and that, my friends, is the BEST thing ever. ever. ever. i honestly don’t mind if he gets up during the night still. he is growing so fast and changing so much and i know my days of snuggles are limited. i want to soak them up…even if they are at 3am.

*personality – the boy is gonna give us a run for our money. he is already stubborn, impatient and determined. and HAPPY! i love that he knows us and interacts and seems to be genuinely happy.

a few other things this week:

we had a great playdate with my girlfriend Kendall and her two-month old, gunner. they are sure to be big buds. it’s awesome when you can connect about motherhood.

eli had his valentine party at the library on monday which was a-dor-a-ble. seriously, too cute. he rocked his “eligible bachelor” shirt.

gram (my mom) came for a last-minute quick visit to allow us a valentine dinner/ballgame night in Lou. Eli loved it, gram loved it and we loved it.

swim lessons are still going great! he loves the water and it makes me crave summer country club days!

the week ended with a great valentine dinner party and a lazy day with my boy today. Sadly pk was stuck at work but the extra mommy/Eli time was precious and priceless. i am not quite sure how, but my love for Eli has grown more by the day. how can that be?!

cheers to a happy (and busy!) week ahead!










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