well, the weekend i’ve been anxiously awaiting/preparing for finally came and went. my Pilates tests (phase one) are complete. here’s to hoping i passed! it was a long, exhausting weekend that wrapped up over seven months of intense dedication (my timing was a bit nuts since i started when eli was a couple months old!). we celebrated with happy hour, sushi, wine and early bedtime! Eli was the life of the party for all of it (including wanting to “party” all night long and leaving a trail of happy-puff o’s and chopsticks everywhere)!

now, on to more “fun” stuff. this morning our big boy fed himself eggs! I feel like he’s getting bored with the current food offerings (not that it slows him down… Just feel like he needs some variety outside of quinoa, lentils, yogurt, tofu and a variety if fruits and veggies). i am weird about meat and until he can chew small bites of salmon, turkey, etc i am avoiding meat (just because the thought of pureed meat grosses me out). so, today we added eggs! i scrambled the yolk and he gobbled it up! he even fed himself which was a-freaking- dorable. i am amazed how fast he is changing and growing!

the last few weeks have been more than overwhelming, so i am spending this week allowing myself to relax and recharge a little (little being key word!). i am teaching two long days but spending a lot of time with Eli and lunch/ play dates nearly every day. it’s just what we all need. studies will resume for phase two, but i need a few days of Eli play and nights of catching up on my stack of magazines before launching into more. next week i shall tackle my list (i have a laundry list of things i want to tackle at home including some painting, recipes, etc!).

cheers to a week of fun memories!






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