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current obsessions:

Eli laughs and giggles.

Eli snuggles.

Eli’s gaze at me after he nurses.

Eli’s look of determination when he wants something out of his reach.

Eli saying “mama”.

Eli/Pk Sunday funday – my favorite day. Lots of play, lots of giggles, lots of snuggles, homemade pizza. The best.

Besides eli, I have several obsessions of late. (He takes the cake though!)

TJ raw crunchy almond butter. Addicted. Try it. With a spoon. With a banana. On a finger. Whatever!

TJ Sea salt dark chocolate almonds (still). They remain my crack.

Anything dark chocolate really. It’s outta control.

Fresh mangos. Yum.

Orange vanilla sparkling water (still) and Eli apparently loves the bottles! Haha.

Making Eli baby food / feeding him new things – this week we introduced egg yolks and I made him banana pancakes (which I made up and rocked AND he loves! Just call me Martha).

Printstagram. Just ordered an obscene amount of photos from my Instagram account and working on a couple of the large posters! So, so cool. New favorite site.

Pilates Chair – just started training for this apparatus and I am obsessed. I think I need one….(hey, Pk….)

Bigger/better post coming later this week as we embark on another milestone…9 months!




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