9 months

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i know i say this EVERY “milestone” post (hell, i say it every post pretty much), but time is flying by. eli is now officially 9 months old. he is as many months old as i was pregnant (almost..since pregnancy is technically almost 10 months but that’s neither here nor there). anyway, i am constantly amazed by how much he is changing and growing before our eyes. last week he was merely rocking and army crawling…this week he is flying around the room on his knees, pulling himself up and becoming more and more vocal by the moment. his personality is strong (we could be in trouble…but i love it!).

this post could easily be a million words, so i’m going to limit it to bullet points for the sake of time and convenience (i’m a working mom…what can i say).

mobility: eli is crawling and pulling up like a maniac. pk and i were fortunate enough to BOTH be home last week when he pulled up for the first time. it was SO cool. the look of pride, amazement and a little confusion on his face was priceless. it was like “um, what did i just do? that was cool? how did i get here?”. he still prefers to crawl for remote controls, iphones and food. man after his father’s heart, i suppose! (kidding PK!). i love putting him on the kitchen floor with lots of toys and letting him wiggle around while i make him breakfast in the morning.

dogs: i cannot lie. there are many (many!) days, i want to give our dogs away. they are not the most well-behaved dogs by a long shot. in fact, they bark and go insane anytime ANYONE knocks on our door, walks by our house, etc. they shed a ridiculous amount (which is not good for my slight OCD) and, well, they have zero obedience. but, they are our precious “other kids” and we cannot forget that. and, they are simply amazing with eli. they really love him now that he eats too. it’s pretty darn cute how protective they are of him and how they will just saunter up to eli when he’s on the floor and nuzzle with him. he laughs and it melts my heart. i do love kids who grow up with dogs. i just have to remind myself of that about 10x a day when i’m sweeping up their hair. oh, and i’m pretty sure eli will call flanagan “dammit flananan” as her full name.

food: speaking of food. eli is an EATER. my oh my. pretty sure this boy will eat us out of house and home when he is a teenager since he’s already doing so! yesterday he had a real big-boy pancake from wild eggs (that was bigger than his head) and i do believe he would have eaten the entire thing if i would have let him. but my fear of projectile vomit was too great and i kept his consumption to about 1/3 of the gigantic pancake (sans syrup…although daddy gave him a sample of it while i was in the bathroom). other faves…chedder cheese, eggs and yogurt. he loves feeding himself now so we are happily putting an assortment of bites on his tray and letting him go after it. what he doesn’t eat, the dogs happily clean up. sigh.

movements: clapping and waving are big these days. and, sticking his tongue out is his “thing” when he’s concentrating. It’s so cute. he get’s a look of pure determination, sticks his tongue and goes about whatever he has his eyes set on.

favorite things: as i alluded, remote controls and iPhones are his favorites. now he’s also loving water bottles and Tupperware. and music. the ibaby see app (which was $1) continues to be the single best dollar I’ve spent on any baby item to date. he is mesmerized…maybe because it involves the iPhone.

sleep: remains iffy. he can (and sometimes does!) sleep all night. but not always. more likely we get up at least 1x a night..and that I can deal with. i rarely pump before bed so a little snack at 2 or 3am for him is doable. but those nights he sleeps straight through are simply awesome! here’s to hoping we keep moving in the right direction! hotel rooms continue to be a bear..you just never know.

teeth:two big ones on the bottom and about 4 on top. breastfeeding has become interesting.

breastfeeding: speaking of…still going. i’m just not ready to give it up yet. but, i have a goal to wrap it up before pk and i have a getaway weekend to NYC in may. eli will be 11 months old (which is about as long as i want to go) and i don’t want to tote my pump around nyc. after reading up on how to ween, i’ve determined doing it before/during/after i leave will be the best time as he won’t be use to nursing while i’m gone. and, i guess my non-dairy-cow status (i don’t produce a ton) will come in handy as i won’t have to deal with wrapping my chest or any of that crazy stuff. until then, i will continue nursing. and pumping (bleh).

outings: we’ve had quite a few outings during his “birthday” weekend…we had a playdate slumber party with Kendall/gunner (so fun!), attended a chili cook off with daddy (Pk was celeb chef and Eli was his sous chef), we went to the UL basketball game, had sushi (well, he had avocado on the sushi bar while he grabbed for our beer/wine), had a brunch/playdate with an “older woman” (miss madeline!) and attended a UL baseball game with daddy. he also got to sample chili (daddy!), ate a pancake and had Cheerios. a pretty big weekend!

siblings: i thought it only appropriate to end this post with a little discussion about our family and whether or not it will expand. because we get asked this about 3x a day, i thought i would just address it now. i would love, love, love for eli to have a sibling. nothing would make me happier. except of course, eli. i am 100% content with our amazing baby boy. nothing can top him. giving eli a brother or sister would be beautiful. but pk and i are pretty set on NOT embarking on fertility treatments again. our journey of becoming eli’s parents was long and tough — emotionally, physically and financially. it was all-consuming. i became a different person throughout the process and i simply do not want to go down that path again when i have a beautiful, healthy child already. i admire those who do embark on it again (fertility treatments are not for the weak of spirit/body/mind), but for right now i don’t think we’ll go down that road again. if for some reason a miracle happens and we are able to get pregnant naturally, that would be a blessing (and a crazy life!), but otherwise i do believe we will be a family of 3 (plus 2 – dogs). and, that is a-ok with me. eli is perfect.

9 month pictures will come tomorrow (i had to work late tonight and made it home just in time for bath/bed so pics were a no-go!).









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