so, we are here again. i have another trip planned…sans Eli. when we planned this low-key weekend with many if my nearest and dearest girls (read: cabin in mountains, no heels allowed, lululemon/fur only, lots if bubbly and junk food faves), i had a feeling my cold feet would kick in as it neared. and they have. what is wrong with me?! i love spending time with my friends and NEED some quantity time with no obligations (Eli, studying, teaching, work, housework, etc) but as it creeps closer i am in a mild freak out mode that i am certain will enter full panic by friday. Sigh. eli will be fine…he LOVES staying with gram and poppy. i will be the psycho packing the entire house as though they don’t have food and diapers in Lexington where my lil man will be hanging.

the upside: it’s only 4 hours away and we leave Friday and will be back Sunday (basically 36 hours). and, i am not driving meaning i can’t wake up at 3am in full panic and drive home. the downside: i am not driving and can’t wake up at 3am in full panic mode and drive home (wonder what a cab ride from gatlinburg to Glasgow would run?!).

luckily we will have wifi so I can FaceTime with my little man while i sip (chug) bubbly to calm my nerves!

cheers to a fantastic weekend ahead!



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