well, i did it! i successfully had a fantastic weekend away with my girlfriends with limited guilt (i mean…there will ALWAYS be guilt but it didn’t get in the way of a good time). friday morning eli, my mom and i chilled at starbucks waiting for my ride to arrive. i held back a few tears while i snuggled his chubby cheeks, but honestly seeing the glow in my mom’s eyes and the way my dad just cozies up to him made it all okay. i knew eli was going to have JUST as much fun as me. and with that, i hopped in the car and focused on the weekend ahead. and, knowing FaceTime is an option helps!

of course, seeing that i’m still breastfeeding (still plugging along!), i did pump ALL weekend (there were some funny pics that will remain unseen on the blog!) but otherwise i let myself relax. lots of bubbly, lots of trader joe’s goodies (pretty sure each of us raided TJ’s for our favorite items prior to the trip), lots of sunning on the deck, hot tub time, dance parties, massages, more bubbly, bloodies, designing women marathon…yes that was our weekend. we consumed an obscene amount of champagne and yummy nibbles. and it was perfection.

and, yesterday pulling up to my mom’s car and seeing eli’s sweet face was simply icing on the cake to a perfect weekend. the smile that spread across his face made the bags under my eyes seem unimportant.

i spent the afternoon snuggling and unpacking (repeat x5) and fell in a heap last night.

and today was not a long Monday like usual so i was able to spend the afternoon with little man. i did have to teach during his library party today though which sorta broke my heart…especially since he pretty much rocked the party. he was rockin’ his bow tie shirt, seven jeans and American apparel tri-blend sweater. precious. and, thanks to his “aunt” Sara, his love of the Easter bunny was captured via photos. he must think the bunny looks like his furry rugs in his room (and all over our house since i am obsessed with furry rugs) and he kept petting him!

to wrap up this hodge podge post, i am declaring my wine/coffee/caffeine detox in full effect. i am trying for one week of NO wine (or alcohol), no coffee, no caffeine, less sugar (not denying completely b/c i might be a bitch without chocolate — it’s a good group). my hope is this adjustment will clear up my teenage breakout that no doubt is due to the aforementioned things (and maybe a wee bit if stress!).

on that note, off to make some tea and eat some chocolate almonds (in moderation….hopefully).










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