today, i’m a little frazzled. what initially was going to be a full day of teaching/practicing pilates, errands, lunch with a girlfriend (and eli), a visit with another girlfriend driving through town and a girls night got halted due to a sick little boy. yesterday afternoon eli spiked a fever and then it hit 101.8 at 4am. he was so lethargic and sad and my heart hurt. he went back to sleep until 7am but i was wide awake consumed with worry. i stayed home with little man and we cancelled all of our plans thanks to this fun little GI bug. he’s a trooper and is doing well (fever under control and no more crazy poopy diapers since this morning) but he is most certainly not himself. he is uber clingy and fussy. i mean, when you’re sick all you want is your mama. right? so we’ve cuddled and i’ve gotten absolutely NOTHING done other than that today. i take that back, we did take a mini 5 minute road trip to the bank and a mini work stent call during eli’s one nap. but that’s all.

so now to relate to the title of my post – appreciation. as i referenced above, i am frazzled. a sick baby, dirty house, lingering to-do list, empty fridge (not empty but certainly no idea what’s for dinner and it’s almost 6pm)…these things are sometimes / often anxiety producing for me. but today, i’m reminding myself of what i DO have. i have a healthy (all things considered) and happy family and a really good life. yes, there is dog hair that needs to be swept (and it will be before the night ends) and yes i am sad that i didn’t get to see two of my dear friends today, but such is life. at the end of the (long) day, i have all i really need. sometimes you just have to step back and be okay with that.

this facebook link reminded me of this today…i LOVE this article! being happy makes life so much better!

cheers (oh and i can cheers to the fact that i made it ALL week with no coffee or wine! consider the detox a success and the red wine has been opened).



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