happy, happy

happy easter/sunday/ul cardinal win day (whatever it is you are celebrating!). it’s been a GREAT day and end to a pretty amazing weekend over here. as i shared , eli and i have been kickin’ it at home this weekend while pk has been cheering on the cards. and, while exhausting, it’s been perfect. and today was no different. eli slept in (until 7…with two wakeups in the middle of the night but that’s beside the point). we played, ate breakfast and made some chocolate easter treats while waiting for gram and poppy to arrive. (the dark chocolate coconut treats are good…healthy/rich/yummy. go try).

my parents came and we went to a local restaurant for lunch where eli proceeded to eat nonstop for a solid 45 minutes. the kid seriously must have hollow legs. he. can. eat. even my dad was pretty impressed with the amount of food he put away. grilled chicken, edamame, squash, carrots, berries, oranges, avocado/banana/apple mush, some whole grain waffle, a few french fries (it is a holiday after all) and even a couple mini bites of red velvet bread pudding (maybe the culprit for the delayed nap?!). are you kidding me? it was insane! anyway, after lunch we came back to the house and played, and dad helped me install the tv safety wall connector (baby proofing 101). i have to say, i’ve gotten better with a drill. now, for those baby gates (pk…).

this post wouldn’t be complete without mention of eli’s awesome look today. i must admit, he was stylin’. popped collar, striped cardigan, red kicks, rolled up pants and a mohawk hairdo. adorable. simply adorable.

this has definitely been my most memorable easter. ever.

and now off to prepare for a busy week ahead (sans wine/coffee since I fell off that wagon this weekend!).







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