what a weekend!

where to begin? we just wrapped up a fantabulous mini vacation with our sweet little family. this post might be dull, but i want to remember this amazing trip! it was perfection. i love when a trip far exceeds your expectations. yes, it was very different from what a previous “weekend getaway” looked like, but it was awesome. i knew we would have fun, but i didn’t know it would quickly become one of my favorite eli/family memories to date.

eli, pk and i traveled to atlanta to cheer on the ul cardinals (to their victory!).we drove down early saturday morning and after a quick pit stop at the hotel to unload (and feed eli), we headed downtown to the pep rally/party. we met up with some friends, had a couple beers and toted eli around in the bjorn (we have a hysterical video that may result in us being coined bad parents so i will refrain from posting…but it’s priceless and harmless!). despite the crowds and being “off schedule”, eli was amazing. the downside of the day…we had to buy him a ticket. the ncaa is ridiculous (and i will be pulling my mom and writing them a letter letting them know how crazy it is that a 10 month old child had to have a ticket which cost us face value $150). and the real kicker — his ticket was better than ours! we contemplated taking him down to his seat and jokingly (sort of) telling the people around said seat that we would be back after the game to get him. 🙂 in all seriousness, he did amazing despite the late evening. he chowed down on some mac and cheese in the arena and watched the game with pride. we took the marta home and he finally gave in to his exhaustion and fell asleep.

sunday, we drove out to my brother’s house and saw the fam for a quick stop. my parents were also there but they were all busy doing household projects (alex now has a pretty rockin’ playhouse…glad my dad now has those skills under his belt!). then, we ventured downtown to listen to some awesome free music. blind pilot + grace potter under the sunshine with a cold beer, my two favorite boys on a sunday afternoon. it just doesn’t get much better than that! we did, however, have a defining parental moment following grace potter. sting and dave matthews were the later two (free) shows but around 5pm eli was starting to get antsy. and, he needed a real meal. and, the crowd was starting to really pick up. so, we did what “good” parents should do…we put our own desires aside, left the concerts and went on a search for a sit-down meal with eli. again, this is where vacation differs than the past. previously we would have found some fun place to dine alfresco and enjoyed drinks/apps (well, that is IF we had left the concert!), but this time we sought out something much different. we actually almost contemplated hard rock cafe (cringe i know, but that’s the sort of place you take a 10 month old who is very verbal and enjoys throwing his food around a 10 foot radius of the table). so, we found a decent place that served burgers/salads (and cocktails) and a kids menu. check, check and CHECK. and, we sat inside away from the crowds/chaos which was occurring on the patio. and, this my friends is where i realized just how much alike eli and pk are – like father / like son. you see, when pk gets in a zone (read: ballgame, golfing, working, watching a movie, etc.) he gets REALLY into it. he is taking it all in…focused so much on what is going on (sometimes all at once) that he forgets he is hungry (i know, i don’t comprehend…i rarely miss a meal). but with all the chaos and activity, eli’s normally large appetite was less than stellar on saturday and sunday. that is until we sat down to eat our early bird dinner. finally away from the “noise”, he CHOWED down. he ate an entire cheese quesadilla, a side of broccoli, mandarin oranges, yogurt bites, peas, cheerios and pineapple. and a few fries. he seriously ate for 45 minutes non-stop. and it made me smile!

from there, we headed back to our neck of the woods (buckhead) and watched a few minutes of the girls bball game at bw3s before hitting the hay…for we had another jam-packed monday!

monday, we “slept” in until 7am and enjoyed another family breakfast (anther vacation note to self: always stay somewhere with free breakfast — the made to order omelets were brilliant and perfect for eli!). i even squeezed in a pure barre class, long family walk around buckhead, a little venture into lululemon and american apparel (love their little boy clothes) and then we sat on the patio at tavern and had a lovely late lunch/cocktail. it was probably my most favorite morning/afternoon ever. and, it only got better! my sweet mom saved teh day and watched eli for us while we went back downtown to the pep rally and LATE championship game (9:30 tip off was not conducive for eli!).

then…the cards won!!! maybe it’s because i now have a son, but my heart filled with joy for those college boys as they won the national championship. the pride their parents must have had at that moment is almost tangible. it made me want to squeeze eli a little harder when i got home.

and, to wrap up our family vaca, we left immediately after the game and refrained from the downtown post-game celebrations. we headed back out to the burbs to pick up eli (by this point it was 12:30am), we scooped up eli who has SOUND asleep and we hit the road. yep, we drove home to ky. we weighed the pros/cons and while driving 4-5 hours in the middle of the night is no fun, it was SO much better for eli. we made it home in record time (zero stops as eli was out like a light) and arrived home (exhausted) at 5am. needless to say, today has been long, but it was 100% worth the perfect vacation.

i already am wondering how i will make it in nyc without him in a couple weeks. i know, i know, pk and i need a “mommy/daddy” escape, but i just love him so much that it hurts my heart to leave him.

on that note, i will end this post with LOTS of pictures of our sweet family vacation.


to summarize, we have a pretty fantastic kid. i know we are so lucky and i will never take for granted this amazing jewel in my life. never.











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