random thoughts

today has been pretty awesome. i cannot lie. i have not yet compiled eli’s “10 month” post, but i have a few random thoughts and photos from today that i want to share (before i forget!).

1. eli has decided in the past few days that 5:15am is an excellent time to start the day. i use to be able to feed him if/when he awoke at this early hour and get him to go back down for an hour or 2. that seems to have gone by the wayside. at 5:15am for the past few days, he has been ready to tackle the day. he is sitting in his crib waiting and looking at us with those (huge!) brown eyes like, “hello people….let’s do this.”. so, we do.

2. given #1, we have been up for a long time already today (and it’s only 1pm)! by 8:30am we had eaten breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, gotten dressed, done a load of laundry, made the bed, gone on a 5 mile walk/run, stopped by the grocery (on our walk!), went to the bank and had a mini snooze (while strolling) since he just couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer. by the time we returned from our jog, i was nearly ready for lunch…but alas it was 9:30. so, he decided to pull out all the kleenex in the box and wave them around in the air. it was pretty adorable.

3. so, we went to the library for the “older” kids story/craft hour. eli is a little young but he rocked it. and, his buddy cook was there so that’s always a plus. he played….hard. and when we got back in the car to run an errand and finally come home for lunch (since it was really lunchtime), he fell fast asleep. in fact, he slept in the carseat in the car for a solid hour. don’t worry…i was around the whole time / doors were open / i could hear every peep. i managed to eat lunch (yes, i made my lunch and ate it in the garage waiting for him to wake up), made his lunch, cleaned up the garage a little (why not…since i was stuck in the garage), had a work phone call and started this blog post. seriously, that might be the most productive hour. ever.

4. after eli finishes his (large) lunch (the kid now loves hummus by the way — he may look like daddy, but he eats like mommy….we both ate hummus today!), we are going to play some more. books, walking with the walker and a playdate with a baby pool are all on the agenda. and, we plan to end the AWESOME day with a family dinner/grillout. i can’t imagine a better day.

perfection. today is a day i am a-ok with small town life. beautiful weather, play dates, walks and love.





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