eli joined one of my favorite family traditions!

still slacking on the 10 month post, i know. this is about as close as it’s gonna get i think…

things have been pretty awesome lately as far as eli is concerned. well, in some aspects (i’ll get to the “other” aspects below). here is a run down of what we’re into right now.

* learning/growing: i love watching him think/laugh/inspect/wonder/explore. it’s truly amazing how the human (and baby!) mind works. he’s so smart (yes, i am bias) and it blows my mind to watch him absorb. for example, he LOVES feeding the dogs his food. so, when we are at a restaurant, he looks for them (and covers the ground in food).

*food: speaking of food, this might be his favorite subject. the boy loves, LOVES to eat. i mean loves. i hope this continues as he’s a great eater. tons of variety and healthy options. now, i don’t want to be the mom that won’t let her kid have a french fry, but i want him eating healthy/whole foods most of the time. so, that’s what i feed him. he can pretty much eat anything these days with his all time favorites being fruit (banana is his fave), avocado, yogurt (i mean, he could eat a tub…not just a carton) and banana oatmeal muffins (homemade/healthy!). but he also loves veggies, chicken, oatmeal, eggs, waffles, etc. and, tonight, he got to partake in family pizza night (see below)

* family: one of the things i love most is creating long-lasting traditions and memories. tonight eli joined in on one that pk and i have…sunday homemade pizza night. we’ve been doing this for several years now and if we are home on sunday, it happens. we get amazing thin crusts from the farmer’s market and load them with our favorite toppings. we usually play music, sometimes drink wine and cook together. tonight eli joined in on the fun! i made him a mini pizza on sprouted wheat bread toasted with fresh mozz cheese, pizza sauce and mushrooms. he couldn’t get enough! it made my heart smile that he loves family pizza night as much as we do.

* play: this has become an area of so much fun. eli has a ton of personality. his music class teacher (musikgarden) asked if he was always so “jolly”…how adorable is that?! he loves to be in the mix, loves being with other kiddos and just truly seems to enjoy life. lots of walks, lots of park time, lots of playing in the grass, lots of swinging, lots of bubbles (he loves bubbles!), lots of crawling/exploring. basically, we’ve been getting dirty alot these days b/c in my humble opinion a dirty little boy is the sign of an awesome day. dirt, chalk, bubbles, grass stains, sweat…it shows we have fun. and, that we do! i am pretty much just as dirty as he is by the end of the day! bath time has never been so necessary and fun!

*play dates: i’ve been trying to really get him around other kids more and more. we went to the library for story/play/craft hour three times this week, had two playdates with his buddy cook (and my buddy sara!) including a dinner party. it was awesome to let the boys play (well, eli watched cook play mostly…it’s the starstruck older/younger kid thing) while the adults sipped wine and grilled out. fantastic times and memories.

*sleep: well, this is the “other” aspect i was referring to. the past week has been sort of a crapshoot. he’s exhausted and goes down fine…but then he gets up. one time, two times, who knows. and wakes up early and cranky. teething (he has four up top and two bottom and had no issues with those)? growth spurt? i have no idea but i am really ready for a solid night of sleep again!

*breastfeeding: still going. he has started weaning himself due to the amount of solids he consumes, but he still likes the boob. and i do too. you may recall, i initially said i was stopping prior to our nyc trip (which is now less than two weeks away). i’m wavering. i’m scared to stop. i love it so much and i am so saddened about losing that bond with him. i have to take my pump to nyc…maybe i will use it, maybe i won’t. but i am taking it. otherwise, i may flip out (anyone recall vail….)

i think that’s about it. he is growing like a weed and turning into a little boy in front of our eyes. a mama’s boy (and da-da’s) boy for sure. life is good.







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