days of blur

the days seem to run together somewhat — a blur of reading books, playing outside, petting the dogs (and scolding them for eating Eli’s toys/good/etc and sweeping up fur!), changing diapers, running errands (usually Eli related), feeding Eli, making Eli food (how does a 20lb kid triple our grocery bill?!), going on walks, story time at the library, teaching Pilates, practicing Pilates, studying Pilates, doing laundry, cleaning the house, doing more laundry….the list goes on. and repeats.

and you know what, I’m ok with it. all. actually, i love it. so much so that this summer we are cutting back the hours of help we have (since my course ends in July) so i can just spend more time with Eli. he’s just so freaking cool. my heart aches when i am away from him — an hour, 12 hours, overnight — it doesn’t matter. i miss him to the point of pain when i am away from him (should make leaving for NYC next week interesting…but that’s another post in and of itself).

this week has been especially fun. we’ve done our regular story time, walks, etc. but we’ve also had an awesome play date in Louisville, a great facetime session with eli’s aunt/uncle/ cousin, some new toys (bubble machine is the best $12 i’ve spent to date), lots of sidewalk chalk (good thing it’s not toxic since griff devoured the pink piece) and some great bonding time. and, the week is ending on a great note…we are headed to lex for a weekend of fun, friends, family, food and WINE.

and, last but not least, this week i have been reminded how lucky i am (as though I needed a reminder — but it’s always good). our therapist connected me to a girl who is struggling with infertility and wanted to talk with Someone who had “been there”. I always, ALWAYS, pay it forward and have talked to countless friends and strangers about our experience. it seemed only fitting that this week is national infertility awareness week that I spent an hour on the phone with a girl i do not know sharing our experience and trying to walk her through the next few months. my heart aches for her and it made me squeeze Eli a little tighter tonight. it sure reminds me that the 1:30am cry session is totally worth it. Every time.

these days of blur are bliss.







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