NYC bound

well, the week has been a blur of errands, prepping, packing, more prepping, lists, more lists…the list (no pun intended) goes on. why? pk and i are officially in route for our first “real” couples getaway! (i don’t count vail since it was with a large group and i stayed all of 40 hours due to a freak out). this time i am hoping to make it the full weekend! i think (read: hope) i am ready. eli is in great hands with my mama for a couple days and pk’s mama for a couple days (thank you!!!). let’s not kid ourselves, he will have a blast. and we will too…if I can put aside my mama guilt and emotions. in the midst of the prepping and packing chaos, i did get as many walks, snuggles, kisses and laughs from Eli as i possibly could (as though that will keep me from missing him). here’s to hoping for a weekend if fun, friends, food, wandering, shopping, playing, toasting and just having fun. we need this!

oh, and as a side note, my intentions of wrapping up Breastfeeding didn’t really happy. the pump is in tow and we have a room with a fridge. he is so close to being finished but i am just not ready. i am going to pump in the morning and evening and that’s all. i am already thinking about feeding him Sunday night when I get home….




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