i love NYC

oh New York. i love you more and feel more at home with every visit. it’s been an awesome weekend. a little culture mixed with (a lot of) fun. a perfect mixture of relaxation, wandering the city, strolls in Central Park, meals with good friends, mimosas, real nyc pizza (at pk’s digs), visit to the MET, derby-watching (nyc style), physique 57 class…the list goes on. i really have very little “goods” for myself to show for it; eli however hit the motherload with goodies from american appareal, h&m, moma, the met, etc. everything i saw reminded me of him (in a great way). it was the perfect adult-getaway weekend.

a few things i realized while away:

1. the anticipation of leaving eli was worse than actually being away. once we were on the plane i was pretty good. yes, i’ve missed him dearly (and i did have a hard time when he cried while we facetimed with my mom since he just didn’t understand), but knowing that pk and i were doing something good for ourselves (that we needed) while eli got to spend time with my mom and pk’s mom (and have a blast/be spoiled rotten) was enough to get me over the few hard humps.

2. my body no longer requires a lot of sleep. we had zero obligations and yet my eyes popped open at 7am (6am our time / eli’s wakeup time) every morning. one morning i went to a physique 57 class (still addicted) and yesterday i went to the gym in our hotel. it’s so odd to wakeup with no one needing you (other than the breast pump). oh, and be able to actually have a cup of tea (only one cup of coffee all weekend!) and breakfast alone!

3. that brings me to number 3. I am so, so, SO glad i brought the breast pump. i thought i was going to be ready to finish breastfeeding before we ventured to nyc. and even when packing my pump, i wondered if i wouldn’t get up here and just sort of let my supply dwindle and be finished when i get home (after all, he won’t have been on the boob since thursday morning so this would be a good time to cut the cord). but, i’m not ready. i didn’t make a big deal out of it…i basically pumped whenever we were in the room. 1-2 times in the morning, 1 time later afternoon before our evening plans and then again before bed. it wasn’t daunting at all (nothing like the vail ordeal of taking the bag with me everywhere…that was tragic). but i am thankful i did it. Breastfeeding eli tonight was pure bliss.

4. i am actually ok with the fact that i didn’t buy anything for myself (i don’t count the sephora visit for makeup as that’s a necessity, not “fun” purchase). a girl has to stay looking good. i did eye a fantastic belt at henri bendel, but i wasn’t able to justify $498 for an alligator belt. it’s probably a good thing i spotted this on thursday and was still in “scouting” mode of shopping (seriously how do i pick out the most expensive item in her collection within an hour of arriving in the city). the good news…i met the designer and have her card. so…

5. despite pk having a camera strapped to his shoulder (and pk wearing pastel vineyard vines all weekend…i balanced it out and looked like a local in my glam-grunge/black attire), we don’t really feel like tourists when we visit nyc anymore. and that is awesome. clearly, we are not locals, but neither of us have that awe-struck and slightly overwhelmed feeling anymore.

6. i would not recommend going to nyc and strolling through Central Park if you are struggling with infertility and in a bad place with it. the number of strollers, babies, kids, etc. we encountered in Central Park was mind-boggling. i was okay with it (now), but two years ago it would have been a different story (pretty sure i would have either been drunk at 11am or i would have been in the fetal position crying). just something to think about if you are in that terrible and vulnerable spot.

7. that said, i would totally still raise eli in nyc. seriously. people think i am nuts (who don’t live there), but i would move there in a heart beat. i’ve said this for years and now that i actually have a child, i can say it with a little more conviction and knowledge. i would happily move to nyc and raise eli. but, since the liklihood of that is not high, i will settle for pk and i to retire there. and, visit A LOT until then.

8. pk and i can still have a great time. just us. alone in our favorite city. but, we are definitely getting older! we were in bed at 9:30pm on a saturday night. to our credit, we stayed up late friday night (and may or may not have been a wee bit overserved — have to take advantage when sans baby!). the city is exhausting and well, we have an 11 month old. do the math!

9. last but not least, just so i don’t forget, i want to list some of the great things/spots we hit. when we come back later this year (and the next and the next) it’s always nice to reference what we’ve done! some highlights:

*union square farmer’s market (def wanna take eli here)
*one lucky duck juice/raw bar (amazing – great for a day when i maybe had a bit too much wine the night before. a dose of greens can do amazing things!). i really want to eat at pure food and wine but that would basically be pk’s personal hell, so i setlled on a green juice and raw chocolate macaroons. which are awesome.
*seafire grill – super fun, low key but swanky place we dined saturday night after the derby party. being the “watchers” we both are, we sat at the bar and enjoyed our cocktails and yummy, but low key lobster-themed meal (seriously, i think we ordered everything lobster related on the menu – lobster salad, lobster mac and cheese, lobster bisque. gotta take advantage when you can!). and i saw a kid and highchair, so eli could partake.
*sushi samba on 7th – the food was good, the drinks were awesome and the company/atmosphere was divine (we met up with a dear old friend of mine!)
*hyatt at grand central rocks. great location, great amenites. love the club level (i definitely saved at least $300 on pelligrino and starbucks and fresh fruit by having access to the club! there was only one starbucks visit during our entire trip which is nearly unheard of for us). would be awesome with a baby/kid too.
*central park strolls – thursday and friday we spent a large chunk of time strolling the park and it was awesome. this made me crave city life almost more than the hustle/bustle. def wanna take eli. we wandered the trails, watched the muscians and artists, paused to people watch, snapped pics on the great lawn, dined at a little cafe. it was perfection.
*the met – awesome. def wanna take eli.
*juliana’s pizza in brooklyn & a walk across the brooklyn bridge. we ventured to brooklyn thursday night with plans of grabbing germaldi’s pizza which is where pk always went with his buddy mark (yes, the mark that eli is named after). so, it’s very much a sentimental place for pk. we were standing in line waiting when we heard a local walk by and say to “check out Juliana’s next door…it’s the original”. ?? well, we did just that and discovered in fact the guy who owned germaldi’s sold the name/business and opened up next door under a different name since he didn’t like the way things were being done at the new place. so, we left our spot in line and dined at juliana’s where we had the most amazing pizza (and that says a lot since I’m not a huge pizza lover). it was amazing. and, then we proceeded to stuff our faces, drink a little wine and go to bed!

and, to end this amazing trip, we are now home and were able to snuggle our little man. thanks to gram and cici, our phones were flooded (in a good way) with pictures and videos of eli loving life while we were away. and, being home is going to be the icing on the cake for this amazing weekend away.








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