for the love of chocolate

it’s no secret that i LOVE chocolate. i mean love. i refuse to give it up. take away salt, fried foods, cake, cheese, anything (well, not wine or la croix)…but chocolate will always be a staple in my world. always. i am my mother’s child and i will not apologize for my love affair with chocolate.

that said, i do recognize that my recent consumption has been a little extreme. maybe even teetering on addiction. so, i am trying (trying being the key word here) to scale back at least a little. i think my skin and bank account will appreciate it (i seem to prefer a little pricier options although i am not overly picky as long as it’s dark-ish!).

so far my attempt to cut back has made my desire and need for it skyrocket. sigh. so, i have gone another route — making / trying alternatives that are a little more natural (with an attempt
to cut back, NOT remove my favorites! I’m talking about you trader joe’s dark chocolate sea salt almonds). i think the “it’s so rich you can only have a bite” statement is utterly crazy as i can happily polish off the largest bar of the darkest chocolate without blinking an eye. really.

so, here are a few recipes i am currently loving. they are surprisingly awesome. of course, as i type this i am snacking on dark chocolate power berries (another TJ find), and also purchased not one, not two, but three yummy bars of chocolate today (3 for $7 Lindt sale at target!). oh well. at least i have some new recipes to add to my mix. at the end of the day, life without chocolate every day just isn’t as much fun!

I used raw crunchy almond butter from TJ and dove dark chocolates. Yum!

almond butter kisses

Insane. I didn’t add nuts…i may with the next batch but i enjoy pure chocolate. i are three for lunch the day i made these. Oops. i haven’t convinced Pk to try (dates scare him) but i swear they are rich and amazing!

raw chocolate truffles

These also rock and are loaded with nutrients.

raw coconut bites

cheers and happy chocolate eating!

and no post is complete without a pic of Eli.


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