an awesome day

life is busy. that goes without being said. and, that’s okay! i would go nuts if i weren’t “busy” and didn’t have a constant list of things i want to accomplish whether it range from prepping for a pilates class to working on freelance work to laundry to making a fun new recipe (for us and/or eli!). yes, i am guilty of letting myself get overly busy and consumed (i’m working on that…every day), but i am sincerely trying to step aside more often than not to just live. again, i’m not perfect and this is a daily struggle, but i’m contstantly trying. balance is HARD!

eli just turned 11 months (still working on that post…hopefully this week it will happen) so we are planning his 1st birthday party. when we started planning i found myself getting overwhelmed and bogged down with details – who, what, where, theme, food, etc. then, i stepped back, took a deep breath and reminded myself. eli is ONE. he’s turning ONE. he doesn’t care if the tablecloths match the theme. heck, he doesn’t care if there IS a theme (there is not). he doesn’t care if there is a burlap banner hanging on the back patio. he could care less if there are s’more cupcakes (since i don’t want to deal with being responsible for kids around fire!). what he does care about will be there. lots of balls for kids to play with. lots of bubbles. lots of yummy snacks (s’more cupcakes). lots of friends and family. that’s all he cares about right now. and, so that is what we will give him.

as i’ve been trying to hammer out a few of the party details like getting the invitations printed and mailed, i found myself starting to plan obsessively monday evening and had big plans to tackle them the following day. then my good friend sara asked if i wanted to go with her and her little boy to “the redneck zoo” (i.e. Kentucky Down Under). kangaroos, emu, sheep, birds — just a normal day in rural ky! rather than decline to “party plan”, we went. eli and cook loved it! we followed our “down under” visit with lunch and a good nap, an awesome walk, a swingin’ playdate with one of his many older girlfriends, new books and an awesome bedtime snuggle/rock session. i seriously cannot imagine a better day. it was perfect. and i was 100% exhausted (as was eli).

i went to bed feeling completely beat, but completely satistfied wtih life. i love that feeling. and, i love that my “work” to enjoy the moment more is paying off!








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