pics from the weekend

another great / full weekend.

friday night family dinner/walk.

saturday farmer’s markets, fresh strawberries (which eli and i devoured…he loves fruit like his mama!), donuts with daddy (he also loves donuts like his daddy!), made homemade bug spray (thanks to a nasty bug bite on eli’s forehead), sushi dinner date in bowling green (he chowed down on some stir fried chicken and edamame).

sunday – 1 year photos! a friend came down from louisville and did eli’s pictures (and some family photos too). i am so excited to see how they turn out as she is super talented (check her out here). i must say, i wasn’t as prepared as i usually am for things like this. in fact, i was pretty sure they were going to get cancelled due to weather until the last minute, so i sort of hate the way i looked. but, it’s all about eli anyway. we were able to speed through almost 2 hours of pics and eli rocked it.

we ended the weekend with a couple long strolls, homemade pizza, books and an episode of mad men. good times with my boys.

i somehow managed to take very few pictures so here are the few I did take. 20130519-215113.jpg20130519-215128.jpg</20130519-215122.jpg20130519-215134.jpg20130519-215141.jpg


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