life changes. we change. everything changes.

right now seems to be a time of change and transition for me and i honestly am having a difficult time just rolling with the punches. of course Eli has created tons of (wonderful) changes in our lives, but the changes i am referring to are less kid-related and more adult-related.

for probably the first time in my life i feel like i don’t really belong in any specific “place”. i can rationally tell myself it is a phase — travels, work, babies, schedules, distance, goals, etc. — they all add up to less quality time with friends and family. but it’s still hard. I just seem to be in the odd place of not “fitting” — maybe b/c i simply have a lot going on and a lot on my mind. who knows. but I do know, i need to stop letting it impact me to much and just roll with where the changes take me.after all, change IS good!

without going into too many details (mainly b/c i am lazy and it’s 3:30am when I am writing this), i just need a reminder that life, friendships, relationships, needs, wants and wishes change. it’s natural and ok. It’s just sometimes hard to swallow and roll with it.

on that note, our sweet little family is headed to Nashville for a little anniversary/family getaway. looking forward to some time AWAY (even though it’s an hour!) with just my two boys and no “to-do” list.





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