a mama and eli day

today was awesome. i accomplished absolutely nothing on my “list” but you know what… i don’t care. i take that back, Eli and i walked to the bank and our accountant’s office at 8am this morning. so that counts, right?

otherwise, we had the MOST productive, non-productive day. we went to the library for tater-tot time, only to find out it was cancelled today. so we played with Lincoln logs (new favorite!) and some of the other kids (and moms) who showed up. it was actually awesome. then, we cut a huge watermelon and ate until our bellies hurt and we were (both) covered in juice. he loves it BUT only when given to him in large pieces to gnaw and suck on (none of that bite size stuff for him). side note: he also discovered his love for almond butter today. yes, this newfound love of watermelon and almond butter undeniably makes him my son (and all Pk can think is $$!). we then headed to the pool – just us. we played ball in the pool, he napped in the stroller for 20 minutes (yay i read a page of one of my 100 unread magazines!), and we just chilled. we stopped by pk’s work on the way home for a quick visit and then came home to MORE watermelon. this was followed by a shower. Much needed. and, while i bathed, eli demolished the bathroom (see below pic). pretty priceless. it looked like we had been toilet-papered!

oh, and we attempted the breast weaning today. FAIL. he takes bottles, formula, etc with no problem, but when he wants boob and i am here, well he wants it. enough said. i mean, 12 months of this routine is hard to break! but we are trying — since he will be ONE in a couple weeks. idon’t want to be that mom who has a 3 year old asking for her boob. more on that in another post though. we also bought the next step up car seat yesterday (tear). it’s all happening too fast!

all in all, an amazing summer lovin’ day.









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