memorial day and memories

this time last year, i was a mere couple weeks away from delivering eli. i was waddling around 9+ months pregnant (pk and i still argue about the duration of a pregnancy…i stick with the 10 month team), ready to POP. i vividly recall spending lots of time lounging at the pool and tanning my large belly (yes, i got lots of stares in a rather skimpy bikini with my basketball belly). if i remember correct, we had pk’s fam over to grill out Memorial Day weekend.

it all seems like yesterday. i can even tell you what we grilled and what i was wearing (maybe b/c i couldn’t fit into much and couldn’t drink wine therefore food and clothing always were big deals at 9 months pregnant!). anyway, fast forward one year later and we celebrated Memorial Day with another cookout…only this time with a 3rd wheel. the best Memorial Day ever in my opinion.

rewind to this weekend, we went on a mini getaway to nashville. it was technically for our anniversary, but eli went with us and we got a room at opryland hotel. he was enamored! the water, the fountains, the music, the pool, the people – he LOVED it. we had a great time just hanging out as a family and got a sitter saturday night so we could have an outing alone to our favorite nashville date spot – whiskey kitchen. they HATE kids (think: claw from the movie “date night”) so we rarely get to go which makes it a treat. it’s an uber low key pub/bar with really yummy drinks and food. in fact, they are home of my all time favorite summer cocktail — the strawberry sparkle. seriously, i dream about it. prosecco, fresh strawberry puree and st. germain all shaken and served over ice. i die. i honestly could drink 12 without even realizing it (which is not advisable!).

yesterday, eli and i made our first trip (of many!) to the country club pool. he loved it. he played more with his snacks and stroller than the pool, but hey it worked. and, we ended the weekend with a last minute, low key cookout with friends (where eli was totally entertained by their kids — babysitters?!). all in all, a fantastic weekend and the start of what i hope is an amazing summer!


oh, and during all our fun festivities this weekend, i took ONE picture. apparently, i was too busy having fun!



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